Thursday, March 3, 2011

Segregation !

Ms.Totten let us watch a video about Segregation and it made me really upset.
The reason I was so upset is because I really didn't like the way we were being treated.
They harassed us and treated us as if we were wild animals.
They hoesed, beat, and sometimes even killed us.
Thats why I respect the people who stood up for us to get us where we are today in society !

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Burrrrrrr !

This My Mane Gucci !
He Another One Of My Favorate Rappers, I Like Mostly All Of His Songs.
nd On One Of My Mp3 Players, All Thats On It Is Brick Squad Which Is His Rap Group !
He Was ICED OUT In This Photo !

One Of The Best !

To Me He The Best !
Besides Lil Boosie and Gucci Mane and Ohh I Cant Forget Wayne and Hov !
Everything He Says Makes Perfect Since, Like Some of The Things He Says Might Fly Over Your Head But Thats Just How Great He Is !
nd Not To Suck Him But He Came in The Game Just Dominating !

South Beach Lebrons 1

If Yaw Didnt Knoee But Im In Love With Shoes !
These Are The South Beach Lebrons nd All I Can Say Is They Is CRACK HEE'EEEEM !

The Pink Lebrons !

These Are Lebrons Are One Of The Three Or Four Pair Of Lebrons That I Like.
Im Not a Big Fan Of Lebrons Shoes But Him As An Athlete, Pretty Cool.
The Only Other Lebrons That I Like Are The Blue Ones Like This nd The Other Ones.
But These Here Killin"Em !

Breast Cancer Foams !

This Shoe Right Here Is Called The Breast Cancer Foam Posites, Which Are Apart Of Nike's Think Pink Collection. To Me This Is One Of The Best Pair Of Foam Posites Made To nd It Was For A Very Important Cause, Which Is Breast Cancer !

My Road !

The road I've traveled has been like a rollercoaster
My road goes up and down then up and down again
The road I've traveled has been filled with obstacles
Such as speed bumps and pot-holes
The road I've traveled has also been filled with curves and turns
Something like a snake
But as my road continues it should smoothen out